Grant takes the stage

You know a true entertainer has arrived when they take command the moment they take the stage. Grant has a fun energy that immediately hooks the audience. They KNOW that they are in for a ride!

When your event demands the best in entertainment... (see what others say!)

Grant instantly connects with your audience

Grant doesn't wait for an audience to warm up to him! He reaches stage center with an energy that tells your audience they are about to have a great time! Whether performing a concert, singing a feature song or two, or when Grant is featured in kicking off your event, or closing it, your audience will remember the performance for years. Grant makes you look good!

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"Dear Grant,

This letter expresses my sincerist appreciation of your efforts as part of our "Niko Night" promotion for the North Canton Playhouse.

You played a very large part in the success of the event -- the glue that kept it together. You are a great singer and entertainer and part of that professionalism is knowing what to say and when to say (or sing) it. With that kind of expertise, I never had to worry about "flow".

The event we have scheduled for the Jackson Belden Chamber of Commerce on Sept. 22 will be so much easier to plan now that I know we have such a solid piece already in place. I am looking forward to it with great excitement and anticipation. Warmest Personal Regards,"
John G. Allensworth, Community Relations Manager; Montrose Auto Group

"When we arrived at the event, we heard the most melodious voice coming from the stage. The voice came from Grant dressed in his Rat Pack attire. His on stage persona completes the picture.

Having Grant at the event gave a touch of elegance to the parking lot event. It transported us to another beautiful venue and another wonderful time."
Pam Moore

"It was great seeing you perform at the benefit for the North Canton Playhouse last Friday night. Not sure how you do it, but you rounded out the evening by creating a relaxed atmosphere and a very entertaining backdrop for the event. Love how you engage people to get involved with each other and interact with your performance. I always look forward to see you at events. You’re a natural. Thanks again."
- George Harvey- Hayes Realty, OH

"Grant lent his inimitable style to an after hours event at the Canton, Ohio Chamber of Commerce. I was trying to mingle with guests but I kept getting sidetracked to stop and listen to his wonderful voice and clever choice of great standards. But this wasn’t a problem, because I watched guests getting sidetracked too. Awesome job!"
- John Kiste, Executive Director- Stark County, Ohio Convention & Visitor's Bureau

"Like many others of the Boomer generation, I grew up with the music of Sinatra, Darin and their crowd (their latter days, mind you), and am still always stirred by some of their great classic songs. It's rare when I hear someone do those songs as well as they did. Grant does them better. My mother's generation never had it so good..."
- Don Kirchner (AZ), Filmmaker, Publisher, Best-Selling Author

"Since my Dad was a jazz musician who on occasion "jammed" with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, I grew up listening to the songs Grant sings....

As I hear Grant's passion for music come through with each note, I feel nostalgic (which is a lot to say, since that wasn't even my era!). Grant's music has a sincerity unmatched by only the original artists!"
- Christina Haxton (CO) , Entrepenuer

"Grant Holmes is a natural performer, relaxing his audience through great songs of the past while interacting with the crowd with lighthearted humor. He makes an evening out with your date one that you'll never forget.

When I saw Grant perform live in LA, I didn't have my husband with me, but if I could reimagine an evening with my husband watching and listening to Grant perform, we'd have an absolutely terrific time I know."
- Peg Brown (OH)

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